How to Take Care of Your Gravel Driveway

Every part of your home has its own longevity, and the maximum lifespan of each part of your property may only be reached if you take care of it properly.


Gravel is one of the leading choices as driveway materials for both commercial and residential properties. And it is very easy to see why – a gravel driveway is easy to install, affordable, pleasing to the eye, and most of all, easy to maintain.


If you maintain your gravel driveway regularly, you would get to enjoy its benefits for a very long time. And, a driveway made of gravel is generally easy to maintain – you can even do it on your own, with just very few pieces of equipment necessary.


Just with a shovel, a rake, and determination, you can take care of your gravel driveway yourself. Here’s how:


  1. Your gravel driveway should always be flat and leveled. Once there are substantial hollow areas on your gravel driveway, there’s a lot of inconvenient things that may happen: water can pool inside the hollow areas, mud can be formed in them, water and mud may be splashed when your car drives over the affected area, your car tires could get stuck in them, and so on. Therefore, it’s quite important that you keep your gravel driveway flat at all times. You should regularly be raking the surface and shoveling gravel to the affected area so you can make it level.


  1. Sometimes, moving gravel to one area to another is just not enough. Adding fresh gravel to your driveway can also ensure that your driveway will be in its prime condition.


  1. Removing weed, dirt, leaves, or other small pieces of rubbish lodged into the gravel surface won’t only help in making your driveway safer to drive on, doing so will also keep your driveway looking pristine and pleasing to the eye. 

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